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Stephan has built a career helping organizations like Humana and Volkswagen rethink their approach to software and cloud based architectures.

Stephan prides himself in building robust systems that stand the test of time and are only as complex as they need to be to accomplish the task. He likes his programming language to get out of the way. He has most experience with Ruby, JavaScript, Java, and Go but he is happy to dabble in any language. In his book, Component-based Rails Applications, he outlines best practices for pushing Ruby to new levels of performance and maintainability. His new book, Gradual Modularization for Ruby and Rails, revamps and expands on the ideas of components based on recent the development of package-based modularization.

Native to Germany, Stephan received his master and doctorate in Information Systems from the University of Muenster. He is part of Engineering at Gusto.

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