So, I started this thing... "ship 30 for 30"1 after seeing a couple of nice posts by Matt Stine2. Really, we haven't even really started yet. The first post is to come out Saturday, but in trying out this editor we're going to use throughout the course on thing struck me: In order for me to do this successfully I will to switch from writing to .. writing NOW.

When I work on Gradual Modularization3, I can usually sit with the idea for the next section or chapter until I feel, like I know what it is. Sometimes there is code to write first, which gives me a really good idea what I might need to write about. But fundamentally, I write when inspiration strikes... whenever that might be.

If I (or you!) want to write a short essay every day - one thing becomes ever so slightly more important - nah.. essential - to write. Right now. To turn off the inner censor and go for it.

I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning. — Peter DeVries4

In that spirit, when I had this thought. I wrote this. Looked it over once. And hit publish.

Off we go!

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