So, I started this thing… “ship 30 for 30”[1] after seeing a couple of nice posts by Matt Stine[2]. Really, we haven’t even really started yet. The first post is to come out Saturday, but in trying out this editor we’re going to use throughout the course on thing struck me: In order for me to do this successfully I will to switch from writing to … writing NOW.

When I work on Gradual Modularization[3], I can usually sit with the idea for the next section or chapter until I feel, like I know what it is. Sometimes there is code to write first, which gives me a really good idea what I might need to write about. But fundamentally, I write when inspiration strikes… whenever that might be.

If I (or you!) want to write a short essay every day - one thing becomes ever so slightly more important - nah… essential - to write. Right now. To turn off the inner censor and go for it.

I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning. — Peter DeVries[4]

In that spirit, when I had this thought. I wrote this. Looked it over once. And hit publish.

Off we go!

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