Some time ago, we had family visiting. Mom, Dad, daughter, son. We were just hanging out for the weekend, took a leisurely stroll to our neighborhood shops to get some breakfast. The choice was burrito or bagel - and coffee. Sticking our purchases into our shopping bag, we headed to the park nearby to have a breakfast picnic.

We played ball, had breakfast, and raced. The sun was out, yet it was a nice fall day . It was good to be outside and be together. We walked under some trees that were turning colors. With the sun out they were brightly golden and orange. Pictures were taken. We ended up sitting in the grass in the middle of all these trees - in the sun.

Out of nowhere my nephew asks: "Can we make a game for my phone?"

Eight months earlier

When we saw each other the last time, we had visited them and the topic of work came up. I mentioned that I build software applications (I called them apps). "Oh, for the phone?" - "Sometimes, yes"

"Can you make games?" -- "I haven't made a game, but I might be able to. We could try to figure it out together, if you'd like." We chatted about some ideas, but attention spans being what they are, we didn't build an app.

Back to today

Because of that question, "Can we make a game for my phone?", we ended up: inventing a game, talked about game mechanics, about load screens. We ended up drawing a couple of wireframes and created an app starter on an simulator. Whether you'll find out game in an app store near you sometime soon, I don't know.

All the conversations that were part of this story were such a fresh perspective on my work, fun, inspiring -- a good reminder why I love the work I do.

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