In 1992, Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist who published over 50 books and over 400 academic articles, published Kommunikation mit Zettelkästen about his use of the Zettelkasten method - explaining how it made him so productive.

The Zettelkasten[1] method is a knowledge and idea organizing system that goes far beyond progressive summarizing and layering I discussed yesterday[2]. Instead, this system focuses on atomic ideas and creating connections between ideas.

Joplin has the capability to be your Zettelkasten

In Joplin we can quickly create and manage notes (to represent atomic ideas). We can link notes (to create the connections). This creates a surfable hypertext of our ideas.

5 plugins put boosters on your Zettelkasten in Joplin

All Joplin plugins are available via the plugin repository[3].

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