The message I sent to folks who bought Gradual Modularization for Ruby and Rails about the publication of Chapter 6!

Dear readers!

I hope you are doing well!

Today I published a new chapter in "Gradual Modularization for Ruby on Rails!" - Chapter 6 covers privacy violations and how to manage them. The meat of the chapter comes at the end where we discuss one way of removing ActiveRecord from the boundary of a package. It is a doozie of a change to the interface and I have found this kind of change to always cause a lot of great discussions amongst engineers. In that spirit, please challenge my ideas and reach out via twitter @shageman,, or just set up time to chat

Quick update on what I plan to write about next. For the moment, I think I have largely covered the software / code parts of the book. Two chapters I have fairly clear line of sight towards are

Stay tuned!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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