A message I sent to the readers of Gradual Modularization for Ruby and Rails regarding the new update published today.

Hello there!

After a long hiatus, I have once again picked up some steam with regard to the missing and incomplete chapters of the book.

Today, to keep myself honest, I am publishing a small change that is also a big change. Chapter 3 has been outdated for a while. The GitHub org RubyAtScale (https://github.com/rubyatscale/) has for a long time now had a bunch of the tools that I originally dreamt up in Chapter 3. So, today, I moved (this is the big change) the old Chapter 3 to the back of the book, moved Chapter 4 to 3, and published the first section (this is the small change) of the new Chapter 4: An intro to the privacy extension.

Please reach out with any questions and comments! I love hearing from you!

Cheers, Stephan

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