I want to tell you _why_ I didn't publish anything for the Gradual Modularization book... between June and October. It is related to _how_ I am writing and it will likely happen again... maybe today :D

In June I announced (stephanhagemann.com/posts/2023) that I had to change tactics and catch in writing with what had been going on in our open-source work at github.com/rubyatscale.

This was always going to be the work of Chatper 4 I started talking a couple of days ago.

But then...

I realized that I wanted to show all the various new protections that we had built into github.com/rubyatscale/packwer and github.com/rubyatscale/rubocop as part of package diagrams. And I got stuck with the writing ... but not with work... and I started yak shaving.

A couple of weeks after my announcement I started to make a whole host of changes to github.com/rubyatscale/visuali to add the visualizations it had been lacking.

Fast forward a couple months, a bunch of distractions at work, a bunch of travel...


visualize_packs is now more powerful then ever and I can continue on my merry way with Chapter 4.

Or can I?


While finishing up the Chapter 4 section on visibility enforcement I realized that one thing we have been missing at work is another extension: nested_visibility enforcement...

So, it is back to yak shaving!

I think I will do it with a twist this time: I will write a section about nested visibility and then figure out of to implement the checker.

I will let you know how it goes!


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